Commonwealth War Graves

There are more than 300,000 Commonwealth War Graves in the UK, in more than 13,000 locations around the country. They have always intrigued me, and the aim of this site – CKPonderingsCWG – is to give a bit of an insight into the people behind the names engraved on the headstones.

I have focused on the people who fell during the First World War, mainly because it is easier to research those who fell during, and as a result of, the 1914-1918 conflict.

For research, I have used a number of online resources – the Commonwealth War Graves website, Ancestry, Fold3, Findagrave, British Newspaper Archive – and have collated the information into the biographies you can find below.

The fallen men and women below are ordered alphabetically by regiment, then surname. The link also provides the year of death, their age and the cause of death.

Click on the links, to discover more about the individual lives:

Army Veterinary Corps

Lewin, Private Jonathan (d1916, aged 38, illness)

Bedfordshire Regiment

Griffith, Sergeant Thomas (d1916, aged 25, killed in action)

British West Indies Regiment

Boyce, Acting Corporal Henry (d1918, aged 46, illness)

Canadian Engineers

Rodgers, Sapper Percy (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Canadian Infantry

Baker, Private Bridges (d1917, aged 41, cause of death unknown)

Cottrell, Private William (d1919, aged 33, wounded in action)

Coldstream Guards

Dummett, Guardsman Harold (d1919, aged 19, illness)

Devonshire Regiment

Antell, Private Frank (d1916, aged 37, suicide)

Baker, Private Thomas (d1917, aged 40, illness)

Burnett, Private James (d1920, aged 32, illness)

Cook, Private Samuel (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Newman, Private William (d1918, aged 37, illness)

Patch, Private James (d1917, aged 35, accident)

Pittard, Private Herbert (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Stodgell, Private Charles (d1919, aged 40, illness)

Dorset Yeomanry

Warne, Lance Corporal William (d1918, aged 26, injury)

Dorsetshire Regiment

Ashford, Private Arthur (d1916, aged 42, injury)

Dodge, Private Augustus (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Kennell, Private John (d1919, aged 47, illness)

Russell, Lance Corporal Harold (d1916, aged 21, wounded in action)

Sansom, Private Stanley (d1921, aged 27, cause of death unknown)

Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

Lewsley, Private Edward (d1915, aged 21, cause of death unknown)

East Kent Regiment (The Buffs)

Thurley, Private Henry (d1917, aged 21, wounded in action)

Winch, Private Osbourne (d1917, aged 28, wounded in action)

East Yorkshire Regiment

Cornell, Corporal Charles (d1918, aged 32, illness)

Gloucestershire Regiment

Andrews, Private Herbert (d1918, aged 22, illness)

Irish Guards

Crossan, Guardsman William (d1914, aged 22, wounded in action)

Kent Royal Garrison Artillery

Brooks, Gunner Frederick (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Kings Royal Rifles

Armes, Rifleman John (d1916, aged 34, accidental shooting)

Clements, Rifleman Tom (d1915, aged 37, illness)

Shelbrooke, Rifleman Harold (d1917, aged 33, killed in action)

Trevetic, Rifleman Harry (d1915, aged 36, suicide)

Lincolnshire Regiment

Townsend, Corporal Louis (d1915, aged 34, wounded in action)

Machine Gun Corps

Hartnell, Private Walter (d1917, aged 28, cause of death unknown)

Labdon, Private Hubert (d1919, aged 23, illness)

Palmer, Private Arthur (d1918, aged 30, illness)

North Somerset Yeomanry

Moody, Private Thomas (d1919, aged 28, wounded in action)

Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Reserves

Stacey, Staff Nurse Dorothy (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Rifle Brigade

Woods, Private Frank (d1918, aged 33, killed in action)

Royal Air Force (Royal Flying Corps / Royal Naval Air Service)

Hadlow, Air Mechanic Reuben (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Holdstock, Air Mechanic Herbert (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Leadbetter, Serjeant Nicholas (d1919, aged 42, illness)

Pragnell, Second Lieutenant Sidney (d1918, aged 19, flying accident)

Royal Army Medical Corps

Collard, Lance Corporal William (d1915, age 23, cause unknown)

Hunt, Private Robert (d1918, aged 24, illness)

Royal Army Service Corps

Austin, Private Ernest (d1918, aged 31, illness)

Bond, Private Albert (d1918, aged 30, illness)

Colchin, Driver Walter (d1918, aged 34, illness)

Daines, Private Thomas (d1915, aged 44, illness)

Herbert, Corporal Edwin (d1918, aged 54, illness)

Rawlings, Saddler Tom (d1916, aged 19, illness)

Stone, Shoeing Smith George (d1918, aged 47, illness)

Wilkinson, Sergeant Joseph (d1918, age 31, cause of death unknown)

Royal Defence Corps

Kiddle, Private Martin (d1917, aged 46, illness)

Larkin, Lance Corporal William (d1916, aged 53, illness)

Royal Engineers

Burroughs, Pioneer George (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Hagger, Driver William (d1918, aged 33, illness)

Stapleton, Lance Corporal Albert (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Royal Field Artillery

Allen, Driver William (d1916, age and cause of death unknown)

Austin, Driver Harry (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Holloway, Gunner Thomas (d1917, aged 24, illness)

Kelly, Gunner Thomas (d1918, aged 25, wounded in action)

Packham, Bombardier Albert (d1918, aged 44, illness)

Paul, Serjeant Leonard (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Royal Garrison Artillery

Watts, Gunner Samuel (d1918, aged 21, illness)

Royal Marine Artillery

Hayes, Gunner Samuel (d1919, aged 38, cause of death unknown)

Royal Navy

Baker, Stoker Wilfrid (d1918, aged 29, illness)

Burgess, Able Seaman Donald (d1918, aged 17, illness)

Cheal, Petty Officer Stoker Frederick (d1919, aged 38, illness)

Cook, Deck Hand Harry (d1919, aged 26, illness)

Lucas, Stoker Henry (d1920, aged 31, illness)

Matthews, Boy 2nd Class Albert (d1918, aged 17, illness)

Mercer, Stoker Stuart (d1916, aged 28, illness)

Pople, Stoker Frederick (d1919, aged 31, illness)

Stagg, Boy 2nd Class Sidney (d1919, aged 17, illness)

Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Edwards, Private Harry (d1917, aged 32, illness)

Hallett, Private Roberts (d1918, aged 18, illness)

Paine, Private Cecil (d1917, aged 18, illness)

Pitman, Private Nelson (d1920, aged 31, illness)

Royal Welsh Fusiliers

Elcocks, Private Richard (d1915, aged 32, wounded in action)

Royal West Kent Regiment

Apps, Private Walter (d1918, aged 22, wounded in action)

Carver, Private Edward (d1918, aged 31, illness)

Hornby, Corporal Sidney (d1916, aged 36, killed in action)

Smith, Private Frederick (d1916, aged 19, illness)

Somerset Light Infantry

Drew, Private Gilbert (d1917, aged 19, illness)

Prout, Serjeant Richard (d1920, aged 24, accidental death)

Rawle, Private William (d1921, aged 27, illness)

Symons, Private George (d1918, aged 23, wounded in action)

Somerset Royal Horse Artillery

Latcham, Gunner Arthur (d1915, aged 26, illness)

South African Infantry

Hann, Private Edwin (d1918, aged 18, cause of death unknown)

South Lancashire Regiment

Batson, Rifleman Frederick (d1918, aged 29, illness)

South Staffordshire Regiment

Wyatt, Private Quinton (d1918, aged 25, wounded in action)

Suffolk Regiment

Cook, Private Harold (d1917, aged 18, accidental shooting)

Pullen, Private Harry (d1918, aged 31, drowned)

Surrey Yeomanry

Earrey, Private William (d1918, aged 18, drowned)

Welch Regiment

Fowler, Private James (d1918, aged 46, illness)

Wellington Mounted Rifles

Dawbin, Trooper William (d1915, aged 27, wounded in action)

West Somerset Yeomanry

Rawle, Private Ernest (d1919, aged 21, illness)

Rawle, Private Stephen (d1918, aged 25, illness)

Russell, Private John (d1915, aged 19, car accident)

West Surrey Regiment

Stubbles, Lance Corporal Charles (d1918, aged 26, illness)

Wiltshire Regiment

Norris, Private Percy (d1918, aged 24, wounded in action)

Richards, Private Frank (d1917, aged 27, cause of death unknown)

Worcestershire Regiment

Counsell, Private Stanley (d1919 aged 23, illness)

Commonwealth War Graves from the camera of CKPonderingToo

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